I Heart Chocolate Chip Cookies (Hold the Chocolate Chips)

16 Mar

I love a good chocolate chip cookie. Without the chocolate chips, that is. Or at least as fewww chocolate chips as possible. And only if they’re melted, not in whole chip form, if you please. Unlike most people, when the delightful aroma of fresh, homemade chocolate chip cookies descends upon me, I poke around for the cookies that appear to have the fewest chocolate chips. That’s right–the FEWEST chocolate chips! Many of you are skeptical. Baffled. You are wondering, Well isn’t she describing a *Sugar* Cookie then? Actually, I am not. Sugar Cookies are made of a different dough than chocolate chip cookies. And it’s much more sugar-y (duh) and not as dense.

Back to my problem with chocolate chip cookies. I’m simply not much of a chocolate lover.  I find that the chocolate usually lends cookies an overpowering richness and super-sweetness I don’t care for. And it’s only getting in the way of the chewy, dough-y goodness of the cookie itself.

So I wonder how many other souls out there are just like me…seeking chocolate chip cookies without the chocolate chips? Is this how left-handed people feel in a right-handed world?

To be fair, I have to admit that I CAN enjoy a chocolate chip cookie. And the best chocolate chip cookie I’ve ever had was a homemade recipe I got a several years ago that called for Trader Joe’s milk chocolate. I came across this at the law firm I worked at after college. Every so often, the wife of one of our partners would come by midday with a freshly baked batch of chocolate chip cookies. They were  amazingly delicious! I think the reason why I liked them so much is because they were 1) milky, 2) melted, and 3) without the sharp chocolate bursts that overpowers the taste of the cookie dough. yum. Oh, and the recipe called for lard too. I suppose that *might* have been another factor to the smooth cookie goodness.


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