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Puffy Mystery Animal Treats

14 Apr

My friend, Rodrigo Soares, discovers the cutest things ever. Last week, he shared this picture of these adorable snacks. Someone has delicately painted on cute animal faces. Okay, the picture had no label or description, but I’m convinced they’re edible! Question is, what’s the texture…chewy, crumbly? What’s the level of sweetness (surely, they are sweet)? Is there a filling like red bean paste? If you can solve this mystery, please share with me! Thank you.


Angry Birds Cake Pops!

11 Apr

These days, it’s unthinkable to wait idly, even for two minutes. So you have to be prepared with a few good time-wasting apps on your phone like Angry Birds. It’s on my phone, of course. I love the bright and bold design of all the characters. And now, someone’s had the clever idea to translate their colorful, round, poofy bodies into…cake pops! Genius.

Lucky for us, The Girl Who Ate Everything apparently shares everything too! Read the Angry Birds Cake Pops recipe.

Hello Kitty Sweets in Taipei, Taiwan

10 Apr

Hello, Sweets. Hello Kitty Sweets. When my friend Amy told me about some cafe that specializes in Hello Kitty, in my wildest imagination, I couldn’t have guessed the extent of pink, frothy, glorious, kitty-liciousness that oozes from this ridiculously adorable cafe. Cakes are in the shape of Hello Kitty. Jello is in the shape of Hello Kitty. Burger buns are toasted with an imprint of Hello Kitty. Even the tops of your creme brulee is burned in the sillhouette of Hello Kitty. Surely, the furniture is carved from sugar cubes too? Could be, but the backs of the booths are definitely the shape of Hello Kitty. If this is the effect of looking at photos, I can’t imagine the endorphin rush I’d get by stepping foot into the cafe. It’s officially on my travel wish list.

Hello Kitty Sweets is located in Taipei, Taiwan.

Visit Hello Kitty Sweets’ website

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Google Loves Snacks Too

8 Apr

Last Sunday, I was delighted to go online and see a mouthwatering ice cream sundae greet me on the Google homepage! It was an attractive retro design, with a scrawl of seafoam-green colored font spelling out “Google.” Two heaping scoops of ice cream forming the oo’s perfectly. Google never seemed yummier.

Google Homepage on 4/3/11

Because of this unexpected design, it’s rumored that Ice Cream might be the code name for Google’s next Android update. Google’s previous updates were famously named, “Froyo” and “Gingerbread.” Not sure if Ice Cream is the codename, but it’s clear Google employs some serious snack lovers. I approve!