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Hi–I’m Sharon, and I’m a Snackaholic

9 Jul

It’s true–I’m a self-confessed snackaholic. Whether it’s sweet, savory, or tart, I live for those little treats. I’m writing this blog to chronicle my sweet encounters of all the treats I have loved before…and all the treats I can’t wait to try! Beyond flavors, one thing I enjoy about snacks is when they come in exaggerated sizes of the original!

Giant Oreo Ice Cream Sandwich

Haribo Mini Gold Bears–the mini-est gummy bears!

Giant Pocky

Big Bite Gummy Bear (Cost Plus)

When my friend Khathi introduced me to this ridiculously large gummy bear, I knew I had to buy one for my friend Ali Tahmasbi who is obsessed with gummies (more than me). After the shock of the sheer size of this gummy bear wore off, he discovered a crazy fact–this gummy has 1.15k calories! The package literally said, “1.15k”! I mean, the calorie count was so high that the manufacturer couldn’t even fit all the zeros on there. And I guess because it is only one gummy bear, you can only reference one serving. HAHA. Anyway, I told him to text me when he takes his first bite. I think we are on Day 4 of Giant Gummy Bear Abstinence, but I have a feeling it won’t last long! 😉